Black is the Colour of Us



Black are King Solomon’s beautiful curtains
Where the riches of wisdom are veiled and unveiled
Black is the colour of me

Black is the colour of fertile soil
Where seeds bring about a hundred fold
Black is the colour of me

Black is the night sky
The only colour that causes stars to dance
Black is my colour

Black is the mystery of Africa
The depths of the darkness of her pain
The heights of her overtaking joy and splendour

Black is the heart of a mine
Bursting with precious jewels to be mined
Black is mine

Black is an invitation to infinite discovery
Black is the end of fear
Black is the home of wonder

Black is the colour of the first Christmas sky
that led the wise to behold the wonder of the starry Face of the Messiah
The night of God’s majesty and the holiness of Life

Black is the colour of the night Jesus was betrayed
The night he was rejected by His own
Black is the night he bore our pain

Black is the colour of noon
As Jesus sighed His last breathe
To reconcile all of humanity

Dark is God’s hiding place
The place where justice is the foundation of His throne
Dark is my skin made suitable for God’s hiding place

Black holds every colour
Black formed all of us
Black is the colour of us

© Siki Dlanga