Sisterhood is a Dance



We move, intimately and instinctually.
What we have is a partnership
A soul tie and bond
An intimacy born of dance.

I trust the tension of the symbolic thread binding us together.

You are my sister.

You notice the void and aren’t afraid to step into the spotlight of my darkness.
You notice the spaces and pauses. The places I’ve left unmarked.
You know when my heart cries out for a ritual
You remember with me.

You take my hand.

You show me the stars carrying my name
And encircle me with words whispered on ancient winds.
You believe in me.
You tell me I belong.

You are my guide.

You become.
Embodying the fullness of spirit in a divine exchange
Of stories and songs and dreams
You come to me as hope.

You will me to move.

Our interaction is a sacred space – the holy temple without images or mirrors.
In you I see and know myself.
Yours is the voice I hear when rivers rise.
Yours is the voice that takes me home.

You carry me.

You know my scars
Whispering the strength of my body’s grace
You remind me of the healing story it tells
I need to hear it.

So tell me again …

The holy craft of birth, the men, the work
You know the liberation, the limits, the love, the loss.
You know.
You share the secrets of my body’s memory.

You are my friend.

There is no language of separation
We exist as individuals.
Ours is a hermeneutic of trust
Watch us free fall with improvisational bliss.

You know my steps by heart.

Stillness isn’t easy, especially when people are watching
And silence, I’ve learned is a gift of power.
You’ve taught me to wield them well.
Pressed me into the redemptive rhythm of both.

In a circle of women, you are the sister of silence.
You, a quiet melody
Create space where there is none.
You make room.

You help me let go.
With you I surrender to the beauty of my unraveling
With you I am free
You’ve helped me find and redefine … my truth.

You make me better.
You, the wise muse, bear witness to my growth.
You help me believe for a manifesto of movement.
Forward, always forward.

Yours is a rhythmic unfolding of hurt turned joy.
You bring your whole self to a room and with that, peace.
Your dance helps me remember things I’ve lost,
Your dance, helps me remember my own.

A word from you and something like scales fall from my eyes.
You connect me to the hallowed terrain of unchartered territory.
With you, it all feels familiar.
With you, I see.

Speak prophetess, speak.

We sway and dip and reach and bend
We leap, we soar, we fly
Ours is an exegesis on the sacred love between women friends
A pas de deux, a sacrament, a dance