What’s Your Hundred-foot Journey?



When was the last time you watched The Hundred Foot-Journey, she asked. Dorothea came and stood next to me at the kitchen island at my in-law’s house. I was packing up with the kids, getting ready to de-Christmas and head home.

My whole body smiled. I love that movie.

I have an assignment for you, she continued. Read Mark 5:1 and ask yourself this question: What is my Hundred-foot journey?

Dorothea once invited me to the first ever Women’s Power Breakfast in Taiwan and with that one simple question—an invitation—she helped change the trajectory of my life. She’s the one who showed me a present Jesus. The one God has used to direct my path time and time again. She’s my Nathan. My Isaiah. Now she also happens to be my aunt. And sometimes my Holy Spirit with a martini in her right hand at happy hour.

Nothing like a good, piercing question to get the juices flowing. I told her—as a matter of fact—that this whole month on SheLoves, we are hosting a series on the questions that have changed us, pierced us, directed us, moved us, freed us, healed us.

Dorothea is one of the people in my life who asks divinely-inspired questions. The kind that pierce you and set you off on a journey that lead to new life, healing, often also revelation. A few months ago, she asked me, What are you most afraid of?

My honest-to-goodness from-the-bottom-of-my-belly-answer was right there, as I sat next to her on the couch: success.

With that one question, she sent me off on a good soul-searching and a prayer. And yes, a healing.

So, I’ve been mulling her most recent question: What is my hundred-foot journey?

What seems so far away and yet is here, close, maybe even right across the street?
What good is waiting for me, just beyond the front door?
What community, what fulfillment, what joy is close enough for me to reach?
Where do I need to get over myself and just surrender to the what-is?
Where do I need to open my eyes to the gifts, the people, the destiny that is right close?
What is waiting for me that may look different than what I imagined and yet is exactly what I need?
What seems really really long off and yet lies really really close?

There were two more words in her assignment. Two words in Mark 5:1 (The Message): “They arrived …”

Where do I need to arrive? What short journey do I need to take? What is right here, close by, where I need to arrive at?

Maybe even more honestly: Where do I want to arrive?

This question settles deep into my soul and I know the answer. It’s the book I have been writing for months now. It feels so close by—like it’s right across the street—and yet also a thousand miles away.

With her question, I sense this: It’s time. This year, I want those words to be fulfilled: They arrived.

She arrived.
I arrived.

It fits right in with our annual question: What is your One Word?

Leading up to this new year, my enthusiasm had faded around my One Word a bit. It’s one of the best practices I have, but for some silly reason, it had lost its sizzle.

But I know there’s good fruit in this practice, so I leaned in and asked God: What is my One Word for 2016?

This one didn’t come with fanfare or a swoosh of the Spirit. It was just right there. So mild, yet so true. I let it simmer for a few weeks. I had almost forgotten what it was. Then when I was getting my heart ready to move into this new year, I wondered again: What is my One Word? It helps propel me toward the new, helps me focus on what I sense is priority and it becomes a prayer for the whole year.

In 2015, my word was “Gather” and we did just that. We gathered in March and we Dared to be Dangerous. We gathered in a smaller circle in June to report back on our dares and then we gathered again in November to be “Paused and Present” and hear from Tina and Michaela. I gathered with our life group on Thursday nights and we gathered with our editorial team on Saturday mornings. This year, we added the events team and some of my favourite little gatherings, were on Shaley’s couch, leaning back against soft pillows, belly lauging and sometimes crying, praying and also planning.

As a family, we gathered with our church on Saturday nights, always remembering here how we are part of something so much larger than ourselves. How God is at work in ways that are too vast for me to understand and yet, I get to be a part of this working and making and resting and even blessing.

On my own, in my quiet days and kids-off-to-school moments, I have dived deep and I have gathered the words I have written and I have written more and even more. I have gathered the thoughts and ideas and stories that have spread around my life. I have gotten swallowed whole and I have walked up a mountain in the dark. The journey is continuing and it is right.

This year, my One Word is “write.”

(I think my agent will shout a huge, Hallelujah.)

I have been writing—but sensing this is my One Word for 2016, feels like permission. Like this is a priority the Heavens have assigned. It feels good and right. It feels solid, like a rock I get to stand on this year. Like it just is.

In a way, this writing has been like a Hundred-Foot Journey. Right here. So close. And yet so far.

This year, I want to arrive. I want to sit under the lights of doing the task and bask in the blessings it will bring. I want to be stretched by it (some more) and also know, It has been here all along.

The journey has been long and it has been only a hundred feet.

This year, may we travel where we hope to go. And let it be said of us, They arrived.


So, dear Lovelys,

What is your Hundred-foot Journey this year? Where do you want to arrive this year? What feels really really far off and is possibly really really close?

I look forward to walking this journey with you.

idelette + the SheLoves team