Who Has the Most Hope?



Empires rise
Pretending to possess power over peoples
Pawns of the ancient serpent
Certain of their fictional authority
Pawns of the ancient serpent
Whose chief purpose is
The destruction of the human race
Splitting hearts
Splitting heads
Splitting peoples
Splitting lands
Crushing the weak

Who has the most hope?

She who embraces her position of weakness as power
She who sits without shelter laughs with God
She gives birth to a Liberator-King in a god-forsaken place
God-With-Us in a god-forsaken place
God With us
Time will split into two
Before God came and After God came to stay with us
The star saw it and shone brighter
The clouds thundered an affirmation
Hope has eyes and has a voice
Death came but that fear died with an empty grave
The light of resurrection has become the secret of the weak
The strength of the strong has lost its strength
Empires can no longer terrorise those who have seen an empty tomb

These words are trustworthy: He has risen
A song of hope fuels those who have chosen to be weak
They are swept up by the power of resurrection
They sit in heavenly places where God dwells with the weak
There the God of peace shall soon crush Satan under His feet
© Siki Dlanga