DANGEROUS WOMEN TRIBE: Come on a Journey with Us


Idelette McVicker -Dangerous Women Tribe3

Today is launch day for Dangerous Women Tribe, the membership component of SheLoves.

I am pinching myself. I’ve been sitting at my computer for days, trying to remember to drink water, eat, breathe.

Today is launch day. For nearly seven years, we have been publishing women’s voices. We have stood in the gap between the silencing of women and the full and beautiful unleashing of women.

Now, we are ready to do more and go deeper. We are calling ALL women who want to live the dangerous faith Jesus calls us to. You don’t need to be a writer to join this tribe. Writers are welcome and so are singers and preachers and baby snugglers and taxi drivers and activists and businesswomen and artists and events planners and students and grandmas and dreamers and doers.

If there’s even a little bit of an excitement in your spirit as you hear these words “Dangerous Women Tribe,” we would love to welcome you.

You might not feel dangerous. I don’t feel dangerous on many days. I spend most of my afternoons driving kids to soccer and softball and hockey. I can now successfully gear up my goalie son in less than 10min. I used to stand in the locker room, wondering who could help me? I felt completely out of sorts. I know tennis and netball. I didn’t know hockey.

But then I learned and I started doing it and I figured out people might make it a lot more complicated than it really is. So, now I am a rockstar goalie-gearing mom.

Does that make me dangerous? Not in the justice-seeking kind of way. But I feel a little dangerous doing that—not needing someone else to tie up skates and strap on pads. Truth is: I feel empowered.

And I think THAT is the key. When women become empowered, we become dangerous.

When we no longer need permission to do the things we are so uniquely called to do, we are a threat to paralysis. When we no longer need permission to rise, we are a threat to apathy. When we no longer need permission to live from our hearts, we are a danger to Fear.

When we speak up against injustice, we are Dangerous Women.
When we rise, even when we feel inadequate, we are Dangerous Women.
When we see a need and we do our part, we are Dangerous Women.
When we see a hurt and we choose to comfort, we are Dangerous Women.
When we see hatred and we choose to respond in Love, now that is Dangerous.
When we choose to weave, instead of rip relationships, we are Dangerous Women.

Together, we can inspire each other to become the Dangerous Women we already are.

I long for women to rise into their places and spaces and own their gifts, their strengths and their dreams. I want to see dreams unleashed and I want to see streets restored.

“Your people will rebuild the ancient ruins and will raise up the age-old foundations;you will be called Repairer of Broken Walls, Restorer of Streets with Dwellings.” -Isaiah 58:12

We are building Dangerous Women Tribe on three ideas:

Following Jesus
Seeking Justice and Peace
Living Juicy Lives.

The juicy really, simply speaks to the abundant life that Jesus calls us to in John 10:10

I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full. -Jesus

I see too many women living beneath their capacity. I want to see women ignited, stirred, empowered, unleashed.

And for that, we need community. So, we’re calling it Dangerous Women Tribe.

Why dangerous women? It all began with listening to a Walter Brueggemann sermon where he preached: God needs Dangerous People! I turned to Kelley Nikondeha and said, God needs Dangerous Women. (You can see the full post here.)

It just so happens that Lynne Hybels had already written the prayer.

Then I wrote a Declaration: I am a Dangerous Woman 

We have been preparing for this day and I believe, we have been prepared for this day.

Are you a justice-seeker?
Want to bring Love to your neighbourhood, your nation, our world?
Want to be a peacemaker?
Want to live this life of faith well?

We are calling you to come do community with us. Come, walk out and practice with us what it means to be a Woman Who Loves.

My friend Rose Woller who is the Executive Director of SheLoves Media Society, kept reminding me: Ask people to come on a journey with us.

I so fiercely wanted to get everything perfect, but her words kept ringing in my ears: Ask people to come on a journey with us. I remembered how we started SheLoves seven years ago, launching it with fanfare, but then it took a year for the dream to truly breathe. I remembered how Rise Up, Sister was a dream, but it took 100 women to make it into an unforgettable weekend. I remembered that this walk has always been a journey.

So, here I am: Will you come on a journey with us? 

We need you to come help shape this with us, because remember? Ubuntu. We belong to each other.

The Dangerous Women Tribe will not be the same without you.

What you will find when you become a member today:

  1. The Dangerous Women Tribe I See (A vision for Dangerous Women)
  2. A Book List for Dangerous Women (Some dangerous reads!)
  3. 30 Practices for Dangerous Women (So doable and tangible.)
  4. A Dangerous Conversation video with Kallie Wood, Shaley Hoogendoorn, Rose Woller and myself. All I can say, these women astounded me in how beautifully they expressed what it means to be a Dangerous Woman.
  5. Four free beautiful, printable downloads created by Sarah Joslyn of the Dangerous Woman Declaration.
  6. Access to the private Facebook group. (Helloooooo! I know this is where so much beauty will come.)
  7. A bi-weekly newsletter from my heart. (I’m toying with the idea of calling it the Zebra Newsletter.)
  8. Participating in giving 10% of our membership income to beautiful causes around the world. (I am so excited about this.)
  9. Access to collective prayer and prayer initiatives. We will have Lectio Divina together and host LIVE prayer times and on May 21, we will join the Global Day of Prayer to End the Famine.  (We think prayer is one of the most dangerous things we can do.)
  10. And more …

So, here we are, my dear SheLovelys. It is launch day. Please go check out Dangerous Women Tribe and I can’t wait to see you there in our new Living Room and in the private Facebook group.