I Am a Daughter of Freedom


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I am a Daughter of Freedom
I use my words to share ideas and tell stories
I use my words to make connections
I use my words and my life to light a Way towards Liberation—
for the one, for some, for many, and for myself.

I am a Daughter of Freedom
I stand on the shoulders of those who have gone before
and have walked the path of Liberation.
I honour where I come from and
I honour those who have shown us a more beautiful Way.

I am a Daughter of Freedom
I seek Light
I choose Love
I pursue Justice
I make Peace
I live into Restitution.

I am a Daughter of Freedom.
To the best of my humanity,
I choose to honor everyone.

May my Love, my faith, my life, my joy, my relationships and my reflections create a pathway of dignity, equality and Liberation for many.

I am a Daughter of Freedom.


These words spilled over after journeying for two days in Durban with my companions on The Daring Way.

On the final day, we returned to a small arena on the grounds where Gandhi’s house is located and we were asked to present our Daring Way Manifesto. It is meant to remind us of who we really are and how we want to make a difference. After seven years of identifying as a Daughter of Apartheid, this was my statement that I am not only that. I am also a Daughter of Freedom.

I believe you are, too.

May these words remind you of who you are and may we light the Way.