MEET OUR TEAM: Idelette Talks with Chervelle Camille


A Video Conversation -with Idelette and Chervelle4

I thought it’s about time we introduce you to our SheLoves team members and give you a glimpse into the heart and stories of the women who make this community run. Today, I am talking with Chervelle Camille who is responsible for creating the daily graphics on SheLoves. I’ve known Chervelle for many years—we’ve shared a lot of life. One of my favourite moments in the  SheLoves circle that we both attend, is when Chervelle walks into the room. Even when she has a cold or PMS, she inspires me with how she puts herself together. She takes care. She doesn’t create art only on a canvas, she sees life, spaces and our bodies as a canvas.

We’re talking books, moving to a new country as a young girl, singleness and creativity. I hope you’re as inspired as I am, simply by being in her presence. If you’d like to see how she lives out her life, follow her on Instagram at @chervelleca.

much LOVE,