Yes, There’s Still Room


Idelette McVicker -Rise Up Invitation1

What does it look like when LOVE rises?

What does it look like when Love rises in you and me and in all of us together? What does it look like when Love rises in our neighbourhoods, families, cities, countries and in our world?

Next month, we’ll spend a weekend together, asking this question, weaving relationships, laughing, crying, praying and rising in solidarity. We’re calling it Rise Up, Sister.

Yes, you are invited. And yes, there is still room.

We will learn with Lynne Hybels, a global activist and peacemaker and a woman we so deeply respect. We will walk with Kallie Wood, an indigenous sister with a heart and a story so big, it could bring us all to our knees. Our wise and sassy sister Sarah Bessey will be there. Our creative and brilliant sister Tina Francis, too. Lovelys are flying in from the East coast, the West coast, Texas and even London. We’re hoping sisters and friends from Kenya and South Africa can also join us. (Hoping, maybe, possibly, please?) Where else? And, of course, we couldn’t do this without our local sisterhood.

Do you need to come? What can you expect? Kelley and I had a conversation about just that.

“It’s time for all of us to join into the dance of justice and goodness that I think God is inviting us into,” says Kelley, “for the sake of our communities and for the sake of our neighbors.”

I refuse to give in to Silence and paralysis.

Our world asks us to rise. Love compels us to move.

Many of you have signed up, but seriously, if you are thinking of coming, can you do us a favour and register? We need to give our final numbers to Camp Charis. Our final day for registration is Monday, Feb 6. 

Join us. We’re going to the edges of ourselves, we’re rising into newness and we’re doing something different. A weekend, a conversation, women on an equal playing ground. Time together. Lingering at tables. Sisterhood strengthened. Gathering what we know about who Jesus is, God’s heart for justice and imagining together what could be next.

Here’s my original invitation.

Register here.

We can’t wait to be together.

This is our time to RISE.