At the Warrior Table


By Aj Smit

When I first saw Wonder Woman last year, I thought, all I wanted to be was an Amazonian Warrior. I wanted to be a woman who can stand her ground, do cartwheels while shooting a bow and arrow off a horse, all the while looking fabulous in her braids and boots. It impacted me to not only be more serious in my lifting routine, but also in where I choose to stand. It reminded me of the moments when I choose to speak, and when I stay silent.

Now, who I am as a warrior, doesn’t look like I expected. I am fighting for the women who come after me. I fight for the women who ask if they are enough. I fight for the women who wonder if they can come to the feet of Christ, open handed and empty handed with just their souls and willing hearts. I fight for those who ask: Do I have to look a certain way, or be someone else entirely?

I am on a bridge, telling those on the other side they will be safe here. They are welcomed and wanted. My sword may be my smile, my fighting words may be none spoken at all.

A hug is my sharpest weapon I have to tear down the lies society tells us. I remind us that God wants us here … still … always … regardless of anything that has happened.

You may not see me as a warrior, but standing tall means I fight all the lurking voices telling me to play small. Putting on my red lipstick is my act of defiance against shrinking and pretending I’m not here.

I am here. I AM is here.

Who am I to say God doesn’t care, won’t show up, isn’t invested? Who am I to say the box I used to hold, is fit for the Creator of the Universe? Who am I to say that Elohim, who spoke the Earth into being, and breathed life into each soul we pass by, is not invested in the small moments of belonging and pulling in? The fight that surrounds us, is not one of dissension. I think the fight is against believing that we are nothing, that God doesn’t want us, that we don’t belong at his feet, in His courts, dancing in freedom.

I might not have chainmail, but I have glitter, and a couch for others to sit on. Instead of defending the walls, I am opening the gates. Let everyone come!

YOU CAN SIT WITH US, I yell.  Let us all sit here. This is a warrior table, for you, her, me, and those we don’t know yet. Let us not war against those who need us, but for those who don’t believe they are welcome. Let our war cry announce freedom and joy. Let our battle song be of Grace that is amazing and peace that is abundant and makes no sense to our own understanding.

I thought a warrior meant anger, and bloodshed. But the blood has been shed, and as a warrioress it means paving the way and helping to keep the beacons of hope lit.

So, here I am. Here is I AM.

I might not always get it right, but I’m still willing to fight, and I hope you will as well.


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Aj is a colorful and sparkling woman, believing that glitter can totally be a highlighter and works as a professional mermaid and artist. She loves to travel with her husband around the world as a military spouse and founded a Red Tent in Germany.  Always leaning into how we can be Jesus with skin on, and live each day with radiant joy! She started the blog about loving God while being a lady who cycles, and all the ups and downs, tears, and chocolate that go along with that.