I Believe in the Resurrection of Women


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Thanks to Jesus, I believe in the resurrection of women
I believe in the power of the feminine, twisted and taken in the original Garden.
I remember Eve, our first Mother, who died for her transgression.

I remember Mary, who believed, conceived and carried the Holy One of Heaven.
I remember Mary who raised her son and watched him honor women.
I remember Mary who was at the cross and wept at the crucifixion.

I remember the women who showed up at the tomb, ready to enter into the darkest parts of this world, not shying away from service and loving the other, but ready with tears and oils and spices.

I believe in the resurrection of women
Who were first accused in the garden
Silenced across the centuries
Suffered under patriarchy
Have been burned, touched, raped, shamed, silenced and killed
Who descended into second class citizenship
But at the tomb saw the message of resurrection
Received the message of resurrection
And became a message of resurrection.
Who took their seats at the table, in the boardroom and the office
And are seated, placed and dignified as carriers of Heaven.

I believe in the resurrection of women, the feminine heart of God
Displayed visibly and powerfully through female Image Bearers
I believe in the Spirit-filled, beautiful communion of people as equal
I believe in the resurrection of everything that was dead in us and needs to come alive
So we may serve this world, this God of Resurrection and spread the message of Life to every heart and voice and body still trapped in a tomb.