SheLoves Editors’ Top Picks for 2018


It has been almost a year since I began as Submissions Editor for SheLoves Magazine. Last fall, when Idelette first asked me to consider taking on the role, Megan Gahan and I met for coffee halfway between our two homes. (You can and should read more from Megan in this post here.) As we sunk deep into the squishy armchairs, hands cupped around steaming mugs and relishing our few (child-free!) hours together, she gave me this beautiful piece of advice: Every submission is a gift.

Over the past year, I have read 219 of these gifts from women all over the world. Along with the rest of the editorial team, I read every word we receive and acknowledge the courage it takes to open yourself up to us. We know the time it takes and the emotional cost of sharing your vulnerability. So, if you have ever written us with your story, from the bottom of our hearts, Thank you.

As we look back over the year, we asked the Daily Editors to pick two pieces that are still sticking with them all these months later.

Leslie Verner, Our Monday Editor

There Is a Burning Bush Inside of Me, by Tasha Burgoyne

I’m a Lady Preacher, Called and Qualified, by Abby Norman

Leah Abraham, Our Tuesday Editor

Drinking Vodka Out of Frozen Turkeys, by Kathy Escobar

Ponder and Protest (Like Mother Mary), by Kelley Nikondeha

Idelette McVicker, Our Wednesday Editor

When I Claim All of My Space, by Nichole Forbes

She Rises: An Eighth Grade Gathering, by Carrie Kuba

Holly Grantham, Our Thursday Editor

This is a Love Story, by Bethany Suckrow

Nothing Worse than Being Ordinary? by Shelbi Anderson Gesch

Claire Colvin, Our Friday Editor

How Galaxies are Born, by Holly Grantham

Out Here on the Brink of Eternity, by Diana Trautwein

5 Other Posts We Think Everyone Should Read:

Jazz Hands and All the Way I Feel Powerful, by Heather Caliri

Because We Belong Together, by Naomi Pattison-Williams

An Ocean Loud Enough to Hear my Grief, by Sheli Massie

The Prophetic Period, by Leah Abraham 

The Sacrament of Ordinary Work, by Claire Colvin

Thank you to each of you for reading along with us. Thank you for holding these stories so gently, for commenting, sharing and submitting. Thank you for bookmarking and printing and copying words into your journals.

Thank you for making SheLoves,