Gifts of My Imperfections


By Shaley Hoogendoorn | Instagram:@messybeautywithshaley

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“It’s not supposed to be perfect. Actually it is an act of worship. Only our Creator God is perfect and offering God our imperfections is a beautiful thing.” She gave me my gift of imperfection.


I see my hypomania or parts of my bipolar or my spidey-senses as a weakness, because it does feel like I’m not entirely in control and I do impulsive things. But this impulsive thing was beautiful.


I’m starting to see my bipolar as a gift. I can have big visions and big dreams and can do big things, but I have another side of me. If I’m truly excited about these things, I can do the focused, little details and make it happen.

That is a way to make my messy life beautiful. I can take the things regularly considered positive or a great attribute and show myself and the world that it is almost a gift. It is almost the gift of my imperfections. These things, these opposite parts of my personality, are making a difference. In the wackiness of it all—the impulsivity and doing things that aren’t really that socially proper or acceptable— they have actually created the most beautiful communities and connection that I have ever felt.



About Shaley:

Shaley grew up in Northern BC in her family-built log home with loads of brothers. Her childhood was filled with snow, skates, hockey and huskies. Shaley has always had a small town heart with big city dreams. She is married to Rob and put down roots in PoCo with their smart and sassy tween girls. Shaley has no inner monologue, never follows a recipe and has the biggest hair in any room. Hands down.
Shaley invests her heart into her family, her community and her world. She works as an elementary school teacher and an event planner. She is fiercely passionate about helping the next generation become peacemakers and world changers. She brings beauty and order to Women’s Events and everyday life. She believes in sisterhood and women telling their stories without judgement. She follows Jesus and believes that love always ALWAYS wins.
Come follow her ramblings on Instagram at @shaley_hoogs and @messybeautywithshaley