The Light Behind My Eyes


holly grantham -the light behind my eyes-3

It is dark.
An inky, cavernous dark.
I squeeze my eyes shut
an attempt to escape, perhaps.
To hedge my bets against
the ravenous night.
Surely it can’t touch me
behind my eyes.

But then my head,
it runs jagged.
Thought to thought,
fear to fear.
A power that lives outside of
bleeds into my corners.
The darkness,
it has found
a path.

I push against the skin
hiding my eyes.
The sheath that separates me
from what I fear.
I push, instinctively.
Because that’s what
you do when you feel

It is then, as if summoned from the
center of the sun,
that the light arrives.
Swirls and stars,
waves of
orange and crimson.
Fantastical shapes.
The light behind my eyes,
it dares the dark,
challenging its power,
its hold.
The light,
inside of me,
burns molten.
The light
it wins.