Sisters in Mental Illness: Mental Health and Church


“I used to think everybody was OK except for people with mental illness. However we’re all struggling, whether it is visible or not. That’s why the church needs to be instrumental [in this conversation] and be the messiest place you can find.”

Last month Shaley talked to Lalainia Lindbjerg Strelau about her battle with anorexia and depression. This month they chat about mental health and churches. Why has the conversation surrounding mental health been mishandled in many churches? Is it normal for those with mental disorders to not feel OK at church? Why do some churches try to “fix” neuro atypicals?

Click here to listen to Shaley and Lalainia’s conversation about how disorders can affect family life and how you can find your true, authentic self in the midst of battling mental disorders.

Mental Illness and Church Featuring Lalainia Lindbjerg Strelau (

Lalainia Lindbjerg Strelauhas been working in the Performing Arts industry professionally since the age of 8. She began in film & television, however, once she discovered musical theatre, it became her passion. She began teaching dance & theatre at age 16, and co-founded The Lindbjerg Academy of Performing Arts (now independent) where she taught for many year before moving into directing full time. For a few years she maintained a blog called ‘Becoming Ordinary: Letting Go of Perfection One Day at a Time’’ ( which chronicles her struggles through her perfectionistic tendencies, depression and eating disorder.

Sisters in Mental Illness is a vlog series where Shaley Hoogendoorn has real conversations with brave SheLovelys who are willing to share their experience living with a mental illness. We live in a time where one in four people struggle with a mental health disorder, so these conversations are very important. We will share ALL the stories—stories of sadness, madness, shame and struggle. The more we talk about hard things like mental health, the better we can understand and walk with and alongside our Sisters in Mental Illness. We can remind each other that our stories are not over yet. Together we can smash the stigma and stereotypes of mental illness, ONE story at a time.

Email subscribers, please click through to the website to watch the video. If you are struggling with any mental health issues, we hope you will reach out and seek professional help.