Testimonio of the Body


carolina hinojosa-cisneros -testimonio of the body-3By Carolina Hinojosa-Cisneros | Twitter: @CisnerosCafe

You, like a Jasper stone,
healer of duplicitous tongue.
Courageous salt deposit –
I find you unmoved, misshapen,
borrowed from familiar words.

Guided light, unmuted
beneath my Lazarus shroud.
Arisen from (d)(l)ust –
sins of my foremothers.

Spoken for, removed from implicit
layered tierra firma. Kneaded
bands of our stories smudged
clay soul. How, like Mary, we wept.

Hungry generational wound,
vigilant keeper of history, bold liar.
But in me, Imago Dei –
Thirst from wellspring.

My body, I aligned with you,
crowned with a thorned faith.
Heaven, open-mouthed, spoke,
“Fix your eyes in upward wonder.”

You, like a Jasper stone,
nurturer of creative inner spirit.
Wise evening traveler –
I find you contemplative, subtle,
an accidental mulch.

We carry testimony on our bodies, just under the skin where life erupts like volcanic witness through our very pores. And because of this, today, I shared with you a testimony of my own body wherein I dedicated it back to our Creator when generational trauma came lurking for attention.

I am every story ever told in my family. This drives my evolving poetic passion. May it always bring glory and honor to God. How do you honor your body and its story?


17990246_1546400422045010_1458712168462864255_oCarolina Hinojosa-Cisneros is a Tejana poet, freelance writer, and aspiring author. Her work focuses on Latinidad and faith. She is mom to three and wife to one. She is passionate about marginalized voices in both the church and in publishing. Her work can be found in The Acentos Review, The Lookout Magazine, Rock & Sling: a journal of witness, and more. She is a monthly contributor at The Mudroom and runs a regular blog called Cisneros Café.