What Warriors Wear


I learned to do my makeup from a Texas beauty queen. I sort of knew how to do my makeup, but she taught me to take it to the next level. I learned what colors compliment my skin, how to best accentuate my eyes, and how to pull my hair up so it didn’t get in my face. I learned to look in the mirror and really like myself. I felt powerful and smart and interesting with makeup on. I felt like my whole self.

Now people know that if I am not wearing my lipstick something is seriously wrong. I have about 30 shades and keep them in my purse, bags, and cars. I swipe one on because I like it, because it makes me feel like me. The same is true for my nails. When my nails look good, I feel invincible.

My sister is my opposite. She was prom queen wearing lip gloss and no mascara. She still doesn’t wear makeup and she feels most like herself when she’s comfortable. In high school, I dressed up for my big tests, while she wore the same ratty pair of sweatpants. My mom encouraged this behavior, knowing each of her daughters are different and needed to wear different things to feel strong and intelligent.

I have a friend who feels strongest in yoga pants and another who rocks eyeliner better than anyone I know, and both of these things are good. I am happiest barefoot and will sometimes preach that way if I am really feeling the message. A friend of mine from seminary preaches in shoes I don’t think I could even stand in. God blesses both of us.

There’s so much pressure to be a certain kind of woman.

Be feminine, but not too feminine.

Be natural, but don’t let your warts show.

Care about your appearance, but don’t be vain.

The rules are complicated, and impossible to abide by. But those are not the rules of God. God loves freedom, and has designed each of us to be free.

And freedom looks different for each of us. Freedom looks different on each of us.

I’m reminded of David, who put on all Saul’s armor and immediately realized this wasn’t going to work. He put on what Saul, the warrior, wore and it turned out it was not what David, the warrior, wore. Saul and David had different gifts and the heavy armor suited Saul’s needs but it slowed David down. He needed a different outfit because he had a different job, and a different role. He was built differently.

This warrior? She wears lipstick. My sister? She works for the Lord in sweatpants. Both of us are warriors. This is what a warrior wears.