As One Holds the World


You are all eagerness and joy
when you grab me by the hand and pull
me onto the front porch
The sun has just passed the barn and now spills
around its edges,
gilding the tips of the mimosa
and bathing us in
buttery light
Our shadows are long
Our faces

We sit side by side
a pile of books between us
For a few sacred moments
the silence pools
An invisible thread pulling us closer, deeper
Then, the trill of a summer tanager breaks
the spell
We both smile

I stare at your rapidly changing face in
the dappled light of evening
You are developing a jaw line and
a small dimple now appears when
you grin
There are now expressions that are yours

I keep searching for myself in you
For proof that you belong to me and I
to you
How will people know that you once
swam deep inside of me?
That love shaped the cleft of your chin?
Will your cheeks ever redden because you catch
a hint of me in your profile?
Or will it be the furrow on your brow?

You hand me a book and climb into
my lap
Your legs bend awkwardly under
the crook of my arm
I drink in your smell, all warm and
damp and delicious
I hold you as one holds the world
Tight and loose
Hard and soft
Surely, this is where we both