Read This It’s Good News


Sometimes the world feels heavy and dark and we need to be reminded of all the good stuff so this week we’re bring you five articles that are good news. From hope to glory, love to peace, these articles remind us that we are on a good road and we’re travelling together.

You Are Wanted, You Are Loved

It all starts with love. Before the deadlines and to do lists, before the accomplishments and memory-making and that perfect shot for Instagram, the whole story starts with love and that is great news because we are so, so loved.

How Galaxies Are Born

Holly Grantham is our resident poet at SheLoves. I keep coming back to the raw hope she has put on the page here: It is in our holy pivoting / that galaxies are born. In times of change or excitement, beginnings and endings there is hope and in this poem Holly points the way to help us find it.

What is Your Hundred Foot Journey?

Trying to find your purpose can be a monumental task—especially in the context of daily living. How exactly are we supposed to change the world while working nine to five, or raising kids, or taking care of an aging parent, or all of the above! In this article Idelette reminds us that our own world changing path might be much more accessible that we imagined.

Glory on the Doorstep

The gift of glory is never diminished, never lost. A smile, a bright bloom in a hidden place, the glimmer of sunlight on snowfall, the sound of moving water, the laughter of children or the elderly—look for the glory. And celebrate it when it shows up.

Our Confidence is in the Shalom-Maker

Be still and know I am God. Amid all the violent machinations of the world, know me as the Shalom-maker. Don’t lose sight of the Prince of Peace, a peace that ends all wars and dismantles all weapons.