Sisters In Mental Illness: Canaries Among Us

“Self care is choosing myself. I matter… It is a choice to pick myself and to be worth doing these things. We have value and the things we have to do to stay healthy have value.” — Crystal Meier 


Crystal and Shaley are both canaries. Canaries, according to Glennon Doyle, can “smell toxins in the air that you can’t smell, see trouble you don’t see and sense danger you don’t feel. [Our] sensitivity could save us all.”


The two chat about the importance of choosing self care, caring for kids who have trauma and what Crystal has learned from her work with Raising Wildflowers — a Canadian-registered charity that exists to connect adoptive and foster families with attachment-based trauma informed resources, particularly grants, for mental health services for children, as well as provide education and resources pertaining to childhood trauma.


Crystal Meier is wife to Bryan and mom to 5 amazing kiddos, some who joined their family by birth and some by adoption. She spent over a decade in the fast paced world of critical care as a healthcare professional before taking a break to integrate the newest 2 children into their family. She has extensive first knowledge of developmental trauma, attachment issues and childhood mental health struggles. These days she has combined her professional and personal interests and has a particular affinity for the intersection of mental and physical health as well as how unresolved trauma is stored in the body.



Sisters in Mental Illness is a vlog series where Shaley Hoogendoorn has real conversations with brave SheLovelys who are willing to share their experience living with a mental illness. We live in a time where one in four people struggle with a mental health disorder, so these conversations are very important. We will share ALL the stories—stories of sadness, madness, shame and struggle. The more we talk about hard things like mental health, the better we can understand and walk with and alongside our Sisters in Mental Illness. We can remind each other that our stories are not over yet. Together we can smash the stigma and stereotypes of mental illness, ONE story at a time.

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