Sisters in Mental Illness: Mental Healing

“I believe women and men who are blessed with mental illness are going to be advocates who are going the change the world.”
Sheli Massie has battled an eating disorder, postpartum psychosis and PTSD. But what defines her are not her mental illnesses, but her journey of mental healing. “Healing is not set in a margin, healing is continual,” she tells Shaley. “I’m not just mentally ill, I’m mentally healing and that will be a life long process for me.” You don’t want to miss Shaley’s chat with SheLovely Sheli Massie!
Sheli is a story keeper and seeker of justice, healing and hope in a broken world. She believes in longer tables, unlocked doors and living a barefoot life. She and her husband live outside of Chicago with their five children and one grandlove. You can find her over on Instagram @shelimassie, Redbud Writers, FacebookTwitter and  her website.
Mental Healing featuring Sheli Massie (Part 1:

Mental Healing featuring Sheli Massie (Part 2:

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Sisters in Mental Illness is a vlog series where Shaley Hoogendoorn has real conversations with brave SheLovelys who are willing to share their experience living with a mental illness. We live in a time where one in four people struggle with a mental health disorder, so these conversations are very important. We will share ALL the stories—stories of sadness, madness, shame and struggle. The more we talk about hard things like mental health, the better we can understand and walk with and alongside our Sisters in Mental Illness. We can remind each other that our stories are not over yet. Together we can smash the stigma and stereotypes of mental illness, ONE story at a time.

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