Not My White Jesus: A Conversation with Karla Mendoza


Woman stands outside, facing up but with her eyes closed. Her arms are holding the nape of her neck and she is smiling. She is wearing colorful bangles. Text reads "n that moment I realized I'm going to hang out with a Jesus that looks like me, with a Jesus who celebrates who I am."

Editor-in-chief Leah Abraham sits down with Karla Mendoza to talk about why debunking the myth of a white Jesus is crucial, especially for womxn of color, and what liberation from white Jesus could look like.

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More about Karla:

Karla Mendoza stands outdoors, smiling, wearing a pink shirt with polka dotsA lover of laughter, sunflowers and single origin coffee. I’m an Afro-Latina living in the quirky Midwest. I am a speaker and storyteller, overly excited about Jesus, unity in the Church (not to be confused with sameness), living a life of joy in the midst of pain and listening to people’s stories. You can find me on Instagram as @dearkarla or on my website –