Sisters in Mental Illness: Self Compassion in the Time of Covid-19


“Self-care naturally comes when we have a good relationship with ourselves and we have self-compassion.”

Covid-19 is shifting our worlds, and for many of us, it’s also affecting our mental health. How can we care for our bodies and our minds? Are we being kind to ourselves? How do we process what’s happening around us? Also, what is spiritual gaslighting? This group of women share how they’re responding to the pandemic and how to best show kindness and compassion to our whole selves.

Sisters In Mental Illness: Self Compassion in the time of Covid-19 (


Mentioned in this conversation: More than 80 percent of hospitalized Covid-19 patients in Georgia were African American. Read more about this here.

Claire de Boer headshot About Claire: Claire De Boer is a Counsellor and Writer from South Surrey who is in the process of finishing her Masters Degree in psychotherapy. She is passionate about helping people develop a stronger sense of self and to know the truth about their worthiness, no matter their life experiences or how they identify. She works from an attachment-based and trauma-informed perspective with individuals, families and groups. Wherever possible, Claire uses journal therapy in her work to help clients express themselves and explore the meaning of major and minor events in their lives. Claire is a mom to two teens and a self-professed word-nerd. Follow her @safe_haven_counselling.


About Jena: Jena Friedrich lives in Surrey B.C. and with her amazing husband and two robust teens. The practice of yoga (linking mind, body, faith) has helped her lean into the endless flow of Gods mercies. This practice reminds her daily of living and moving according to the unforced rhythms of grace and that it’s in our weakness where Gods glorious strength can shine in and through us.


About Abby: Abby Norman lives, and loves in the city of Atlanta. She lives with her two hilarious children and a husband that doubles as her biggest fan. When not mothering, teaching, parenting or “wifeing”, she blogs at Abby loves to make up words and is excited by the idea that Miriam Webster says you can verb things.



One in four people struggle with a mental health disorder in our world. Sisters in Mental Illness is a vlog series where Shaley Hoogendoorn has real conversations with brave SheLovelys who are willing to share their experience of living with a mental illness. We will share ALL the stories—stories of sadness, madness, shame and struggle. The more we talk about hard things like mental health, the better we can understand and walk with and alongside our Sisters in Mental Illness. We can remind each other that our stories are not over yet. Together we can smash the stigma and stereotypes of mental illness, ONE story at a time.

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If you are struggling with any mental health issues, we hope you will reach out and seek professional help.

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