Decolonizing a National Holiday


On July 1, the SheLoves community gathered to ask the question: How do we decolonize national holidays?

For far too long, history has been whitewashed and the truth has been hidden and ignored.

Historically, July 1 is celebrated as Canada Day. On July 4, the United States will celebrate Independence Day. Both days mark the founding of Nations. But what about the Nations that already existed on these lands?

Around the world, national holidays have become painful reminders of the colonization of land, space and the eradication of culture, language and people.

In the words of Cheryl Bear, decolonization is hearing a different story and changing your mind.

The uncovering of the hundreds of unmarked graves of Indigenous children call us—again—to intentional reflection and action.

Led my Nichole Forbes and Rachelle Fehr, we gathered over Zoom to ask: What are we to do as people of faith in a place where the land cries out with the blood and tears of Indigenous people?

Here is a recording of the event.

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