“Let the Pandemic Catapult You Forward” with Rev. Catina Martin


woman laughing. orange box with text on it reads hold your head up. know who you are. embrace your story, even the hard parts of it. own your truth. Rev. Catina Martin. SheLoves magazine

Trigger warning: Mention of death and death of loved ones.

Editor’s Note: Hello, SheLovelys! I’m excited to share with you this conversation I had with Rev. Catina Martin. In the harshness of the pandemic, Catina felt like a gentle pause and a warm reminder to root myself deep in Truth. As a chaplain who currently works with university students and previously with patients in the hospital, Catina understands thresholds, whether it is college-age students who have one foot in childhood and another in adulthood, or patients and their loved ones preparing themselves for death. She knows how to hold space for those crossing these thresholds and how to gently nudge them into whatever lies next.

Now, one year since the global pandemic has shifted all our lives, I wonder if we, too, are in another threshold. As we forge our way to a post-covid reality (or whatever threshold moment you find yourself in), I wonder: What’s on the other side? What are the lessons we’ve learned from the pandemic? How do we grieve all that has happened and hope for what’s to come? How can we better take care of each other? Catina helped me find some clarity to these questions. I hope she helps you, too.

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