WEBINAR: Owning My Gay Christian Story with Stacey Chomiak


For 13 years, Stacey Chomiak, fought against her body, her heart and her innate desires. She didn’t believe she could be good, because her evangelical faith taught her the desires of her heart were evil.

Then her beliefs began to shift. “I had to finally admit that I couldn’t pray my gay away any more than I could change the color of my eyes. I didn’t want to leave my faith, because Jesus and I had a very deep relationship.”

In this webinar, hosted by SheLoves on Sat. Jan 23, 2021, Stacey Chomiak shares her story of authentically and beautifully owning her gay Christian story.

We invite into the sacred space of a person who stands in her authentic self, fuelled by her love for Jesus.

Along with Stacey, this webinar was hosted by Idelette McVicker, founder of SheLoves Media Society and Erin Thomas, pastor at Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church in Edmonton, AB.

We lay clear guidelines for conversation and we will practice these also in the comments, so we may create both a safe and a brave space for conversation.


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Check out these LGBTQ2S+ Resources for People of Faith, curated by Stacey.

About Stacey:

Stacey Chomiak is an artist in the animation industry and she got her start with the well-loved series, “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.” She also illustrates kids books, and is currently working on her own young adult illustrated memoir, “Still Stace: My Gay Christian Coming of Age Story.” When she isn’t furiously sketching, Stacey is likely to be out for a jog, critiquing her favourite Hitchcock film, or encouraging her children to dance with her to Whitney Houston.

You can pre-order Stacey’s book Still Stace: My Gay Christian Coming-of-Age Story right here. 

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