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Anti-Racism: Books By Black Authors

If you want to further your anti-racism journey, we’ve got a list of books to help you with that! The Red Couch Book Club has compiled a list of must-read books about racism, social justice and faith written by Black authors. The Red Couch has been reading Black authors and books around racial justice for […]

Is This Renovation? Beatitudes and New Diagnoses

In January, I went to my gynecologist mildly concerned about some itchiness and pain in my nether regions. I expected a simple diagnosis—some kind of weird bacterial infection or an allergic reaction. Instead, I learned that I have a chronic condition called lichen sclerosus (LS), which is believed to be an auto-immune disorder. Basically, my […]

Sisters In Mental Illness: Ministry of Weakness

“My spiritual gift is weakness…. I show up weak. I’m always sick or I’m struggling. There’s always something that’s lacking. Maybe that’s my gift to the church—to show up and say that’s OK, and God is with us in this and He is good. Problems don’t all get fixed and I’m not healed. The bow […]

The Red Couch: Blood Brothers INTRODUCTION

By Jamie Y. Watkins | Twitter: @jamieywatkins Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called sons of God. —Matthew 5:9 Last fall, my local YMCA hosted a workshop with guests from the Jerusalem International YMCA. The speakers, a Palestinian Christian man and an Israeli Jewish woman, came to talk about how the Y in Jerusalem is […]

I Am My Mother’s Daughter

I help to situate her after she’s wheeled back from X-ray. Her face hushed in pain, teeth gritted, face hollowed out and wincing. She lets out a slow and shaky exhale and I blink back my tears, but one escapes and rolls from my chin, plopping obscenely on her hospital gown and staining her with […]