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Juicy Conversations: Kelley and Idelette Talk about Dangerous Women

A few months ago, a Walter Brueggemann sermon sparked a conversation between these two friends, Kelley Nikondeha and Idelette McVicker. Both have shared this week how that idea has taken shape in their hearts. On Monday, Idelette wrote: God Needs Dangerous Women? And Tuesday, Kelley wrote: Why Dangerous? Today, Idelette and Kelley invite us into a […]

Kelley’s One Word 2011: Delve

“I discovered my core as I swam into the deep …” By Kelley Johnson-Nikondeha Delve … not deep, not dive, but delve. As I began to handle the word like a smooth pebble in my hand, I noticed what it was and what it was not. Delve is not a destination word. It is a […]

SheLoves Circles

SheLoves Circles are sacred spaces. They represent equality, wholeness and sisterhood. They can be expanded to infinity without changing shape. If you want to walk in deeper connection with your SheLoves Sisters, we would like to extend an invitation to join a SheLoves Circle. Most groups are made up of four to seven womxn. They […]

Launching SheLoves Church

When a virus isolates us, we lean in to the opposite spirit. Here on SheLoves, even more than before, we’re leaning in to safe online community. COVID-19 days feel scary and uncertain, yes. Yesterday, our family restaurant closed—for how long we don’t know. And yet, I hope and trust in a God who looks after the […]

The Red Couch: Once We Were Strangers Introduction

Those of us who want to serve others like programs and events. They have defined timelines and expected outcomes. We get to show up and give money or time to a cause. And then we get to walk away. Reading Shawn Smucker’s memoir Once We Were Strangers, I was reminded of the time my “program” of […]