About Us

Welcome, friend! We’re so glad you’re here.

SheLoves Magazine is the editorial pillar of SheLoves Media Society. We’re a global community of womxn who want to know and experience freedom, justice and transformation, for ourselves and others.

We commit to being womxn who Love – womxn who sow peace, breathe hope, create beauty and live in the way of extravagant love. To learn more about what it means to be a womxn who Loves, read our manifesto.


We work towards individual and collective liberation so we can create a liberated world for the next generation. SheLoves Media Society’s work is driven by Ubuntu—an African concept that means “I am because you are.” Our liberation is bound to your liberation. Our empowerment is bound to your empowerment.

Part of this work includes the sacred art of storytelling. SheLoves Magazine gathers storytellers who are also peacemakers, decolonizers, rule breakers, misfits, freedom fighters, dreamers, doers, prophets and artists. We tell stories to educate, inspire, liberate, empower and to deepen our ability to give and receive Love.

Core Tenets:

To achieve our vision of a liberated world, our work aims to:

  • Decolonize our minds
  • Dismantle the patriarchy
  • Support anti-racism efforts, activists and movements
  • Deconstruct and reconstruct our faith
  • Practice allyship with the LGBTQ+ community
  • Demonstrate solidarity with marginalized communities


  • Champion womxn and their stories of awakening, rising and flourishing
  • Highlight and celebrate emerging storytellers and artists
  • Tackle subjects that deepen our understanding of justice, faith and an empowered life
  • Share stories of individual and collective liberation, no matter how messy and difficult the process may be.