Well, hello there! We’re so happy you’re here.

First off, it’s Idelette here. Welcome, from my big, global Mama heart. 

You wanted to know what SheLoves is? Yes, we call ourselves a magazine, but now that we’re almost five years old, we’ve discovered we are more than that: We’re a global community of women–a Sisterhood–who want to know and experience freedom, justice and transformation, for ourselves and others.

Our mission is: To mobilize and empower women, so we may transform our world together.

Sounds big? We simply do it by sharing our stories with each other six days a week, learning, growing, encouraging each other and coming alongside the dreams God puts in individual women’s hearts.

Want to know some of what we’ve done and where we’re going? Have a peek:

– From 2012-2013: The SheLoves I See (Read this one first, I’d say.)

– 2011: A SheLoves Odyssey

– And, if you haven’t seen it yet, please read our Manifesto: Let Us Be Women Who Love.


Now, a few more words about SheLoves:

  • Sisterhood

We dare to dream and be an expression of God’s feminine heart on the earth. We are a growing tribe with a [deep breath] big scary vision: to gather stories, hopes, dreams and ideas of women who Love, from around the world.

We like to ask: What if? What could happen if we loved and supported each other in our brokenness, but ALSO our beautiful stories, our fragile dreams AND our glorious solutions?

– What if we could be a welcoming place where our individual stories–not yet divinely perfect–are honored and respected?
– What if we could be a place where our voices are heard? Where are voices are not too loud or too much.
– What if we could be a space where we may grow together, expressing our honest selves, our struggles, our linchpin moments, our pain and our glee.
– What if we could flourish, together?

We believe in Sisterhood. Women who Love, in spite of our shortcomings and mistakes and even differing perspectives. Love, in spite of, SO that we can come together and be part of creating change on the earth.

We are gathering and strengthening for a purpose: so our voices may rise together on the injustices that demand our awakening, our attention and our strength.

  • Informed & Empowered

When we know what is happening on earth, when we understand what goes on behind headlines or even hidden doors, we can become part of the solution. We want to be educated and informed and we want to think through what we believe, so we may each find our voice in the story God draws us into. We want to do it beautifully, with great Love.

  • Prayer.

We believe in prayer. Period.

Fragmented prayers, directed prayers, passionate prayers, intercessory prayers, humble prayers, honest prayers. Scared prayers. Silent prayers. Sighing prayers. Sacred prayers.

  • Conversation

We’d really love it if you would join the conversation. Make the leap with us and make a comment. We’ll do our very best to Love, encourage and welcome you.

Here are other ways you can join the conversation:

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We look forward to sharing this Adventure with you!

With much Love,

@idelette & the SheLoves Sisterhood