You’ll Have to Believe You Are Good Enough

I. Every year when the sun climbs into the blue horizon and sets over the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, a gathering of poets and prophets, writers and artists gather. I have always wanted to go. My browser sits open to their website, and I skim over the details. It claims to be equal parts spiritual […]

I Am Not Labeled, I am Named

Once you label me you negate me.  —Soren Kierkegaard I. I wasn’t a fat kid. On the contrary, I was hollowed ribs and lanky limbs for much of my childhood.  I was gangly elbows and knee caps too big for my legs. I was a jawline cut straight and tight like a razor’s edge and […]

I Am My Mother’s Daughter

I help to situate her after she’s wheeled back from X-ray. Her face hushed in pain, teeth gritted, face hollowed out and wincing. She lets out a slow and shaky exhale and I blink back my tears, but one escapes and rolls from my chin, plopping obscenely on her hospital gown and staining her with […]

In Defense of Beauty

It’s true. Sometimes I tire of the poets and I want plain words. Unhurried, slow words with lazy syllables. Maybe even stilted words that fall like heavy bricks and land with a singular purpose. But even then, we’re building. I just fed you a simile, even if filled with clay and dust. Words are busy […]

A Mind on Fire

I. My life is one long rerouting. Only I’ve not had the pleasure of Google Maps patiently telling me that I’ve taken a wrong turn and that it’s calculating the next best option to get me to my destination. Instead, I’ve lived one-way streets and stop signs, merging into single lanes and tight spaces. My […]