The Red Couch: Interview with Sara Zarr

Sara Zarr, author of Once Was Lost, answers your questions about that book, the writing life, finding the right audience for YA with spiritual themes, and what it’s like to live in Salt Lake City. Plus, she gives us a hint about what she’s writing next. Thank you, Sara, for taking the time to answer […]

The Red Couch: Silence Introduction

Many years ago, I attended a small Christian high school.  Though I took Bible classes every year, most of the discussions we had about God and theology have faded from my memory.  There’s one conversation, though, that still haunts me. We were in that phase of Christian teenagerhood where arguing about predestination was the hip […]

The Red Couch: The Lemon Tree Discussion

To learn more about The Lemon Tree: An Arab, a Jew, and the Heart of the Middle East, please read the introductory post. Don’t forget to peruse The Nightstand, which contains resources for those wanting to read more on the topic. Mention the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and my eyes are bound to glaze right over.  Not only […]