Sisters, Plant Seeds of Love

Four years ago a lovely woman walked through my door with her fiancé in tow and my life changed. I just didn’t know it yet. Tina (pictured above in the green dress) met Kupa (second from right, in the coral shirt) in Portland and Kupa wound up staying with us, in a waiting season of […]

Small Love Holds Us Together

When my first son was born, it had been a long, rough road for both of us. His collarbone snapped as he was finally delivered. They laid him on my chest, and I looked in his eyes and we had a moment of clear recognition before they whisked him away. He emerged so fine and […]

What Will Happen If I Don’t At Least Try?

When I was younger and facing all the big ticket decisions—like do I want to have children?—there were some questions that always helped me. How will I feel if I wait too long for things to be perfect, and it’s too late? Is this something I want to have done by the end of my life? […]

Closing the Door on Hurtful Words

Lately I’ve been seeing a door in my mind, and it’s closed. I often hear from God through images, and this one surprised me. But it’s been so helpful. I want to be a woman who loves, who understands and accepts others. I want to be a wide-open person and not narrow or overly judge-y, […]

Gather Up Your Courage and Ask

I’d been telling my son some things about dead ends and brick walls, and being humble enough to ask for help. He summarized my thoughts so well. “When we ask for help, it lets others be powerful.” — Justin Heckt I already wrote about buckling up my courage to talk to a self-publisher. That was […]