On Asthma and Ferguson

One of the most heavy burdens of raising a child with complex health issues has been the judgment of others, especially of those with authority or expertise. During one breathing crisis, the specialist literally scoffed at our concern, saying, “He’s fine! See you in six months.” This man’s face was on the cover of a […]

Following Intuition

How do you know things? Often I have no idea how I know the things I deeply know. Musing about my style of leading led me to a wonderful term–Intuitive Intelligence: The kind of knowing that has to do with a gut sense about things. Not just those guesses or random thoughts, but that deep […]

Struggling to Love Her

When we’re tired, sick, possibly carrying extra pounds from an illness or a baby, it can be hard to feel the glow of self acceptance. To feel and truly believe that we are lovely. From an early age, I was not the bombshell kinda gal. But I knew I was ok to look at. The […]

In Praise of Those Who are Out There

One image from this past week keeps coming back to me: My neighbour, this big smart guy, standing under the cherry tree with his daughter, picking. He’s holding the bowl and she’s reaching up, beaming. That daughter, let’s call her Grace, has been dealt a rough hand. She’s on the autism spectrum but also suffers […]

Return to Wonder

I saw a photo the other day of a very familiar Seattle landmark–Pike Place Market. I’ve found it challenging to get a fresh-looking shot there. The photographer had focused on a brilliant green street sign, and caught the market half-blurred and haloed with street lights in the background. I love things that make me see […]