The Virgin Diaries

“Whenever someone acts surprised to hear that I’m a virgin, I always feel like I have let the other virgins down.“ People are often really surprised when I tell them I am still a virgin. I’m not sure how to feel when they respond with utter shock and disbelief. Why is everyone convinced I’ve handed […]

Orphans Are My Rockstars

“… it became very clear to me that these orphans, just like the Disney characters, were in the midst of writing pretty incredible stories.“ Have you ever noticed how the lead characters in most Disney movies have no mothers? If they do have mothers, they are evil stepmothers? Or, they are completely orphaned altogether? Just in case you don’t […]

Dream a Little (Dangerous) Dream

“A dream fulfilled is a great feeling, but it is also daunting. You’re left asking yourself, ‘What do I do now?’” By Ashley Mandanici | Twitter: @ashleymandanici All Rapunzel ever wanted for eighteen years was to see the floating lights drift up into the sky on her birthday, but not just from her bedroom window… she wanted to […]

WITH: What I Really Need Is to Be Alone Right Now. Or, Is It?

“I have shared bedrooms, beds, bathrooms, food, hand sanitizer and, in the most intimate of cases, a fork.” By Ashley Mandanici | Twitter: @ashleymandanici For the past four months  in Uganda I’ve lived in four different homes. Each home averaged between 6-10 people living in them. Those people have ranged between the ages of six […]

Princess Diaries: The Story of Ashley Moving to Africa

“I do not know where I got this idea that being a Christian was at all glamorous.” By Ashley Mandanici | Twitter: @ashleymandanici So, in case you were unaware, I do not like camping. I have tried, both in my own resolve and by force, and I have concluded beyond a shadow of a doubt, camping ain’t my thang! […]