How to Misbehave with Auntie Ashley

“Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.” ― Pablo Picasso By Ashley Mandanici | Twitter: @ashleymandanici I am a rule follower. People always seem surprised when I say that, but I am. I find great pleasure in being obedient probably because obedience is often accompanied by praise–and rewards. […]

How to Be Alone: Lessons from the Paper Bag Princess

” … one of the little ones turned and asked me, ‘Ashley, why aren’t you married?’” By Ashley Mandanici | Twitter: @ashleymandanici As I sat at the dinner table, staring at these two families before me, I couldn’t help but feel my heart sink a little. One family, a new couple in the throws of […]

How to Run Away. Or: What I Learned from the Wizard of Oz

“It was okay that I desired to run away; I just needed to figure out what exactly I was running away to.” By Ashley Mandanici | Twitter: @ashleymandanici Last weekend I ran away. I am not saying that figuratively; I actually ran away. I purchased a plane ticket, packed my cute little purple suitcase and […]

Swimming Lessons with Auntie Ashley. Or: When to Step Out of the Boat

Do I want to spend my life guarding towels or walking on water? By Ashley Mandanici | Twitter: @ashleymandanici ___________________________ Life Confession: I cannot swim. Do not get me wrong, I have tried! I have tried, and failed miserably. Seriously! Never have so many swimming teachers at the YMCA been so disappointed with a pupil […]

I’ve Never Been Married, But I Have Been Divorced

“I’m not married and I’ve never been married. I have been divorced, however.” By Ashley Mandanici | Twitter: @ashleymandanici My parents split when I was 10 years old. Although I’m sure it was nothing nearly as devastating as the split between Barbie and Ken last year, it quickly became the lens through which I began […]