How I Learned to Stop Assuming the Worst

I’m wading through grad school right now, somewhere in the messy middle of things. My goal in doing the grad program I chose, had a lot to do with an inner restlessness I can’t quite explain, and a desire to know I’ve put my back into life and am making the most use of the cards […]

When Courage Means Saying Goodbye

I’ve been an editor for SheLoves for more than three and a half years. When I first started reading the magazine, well before I joined the editorial team, it was at a time when I needed to drink up words of freedom and justice. I needed to see the embodiment of women leading in the […]

This Isn’t Easy, And That’s Okay

“We define for ourselves who we are and what we stand for.”  These words were spoken the first night of my MBA program four weeks ago. Don’t they sound collegiate and inspirational, like the perfect Pinterest pin? Despite the cheese factor, the words have been stuck in my head ever since. I’m not sure they […]

I Love my Dad, but Father’s Day was Hard

When I was growing up, my dad was a mental health counselor who ran miles and miles every week and had his own home gym. His happy place was puttering around home depot, where he would inevitably come home with new plants and supplies for his endless gardening projects. Our place was pretty much a Better […]

In Order to Move Forward, I Must Change

I’ve never understood the appeal of summer. It’s hot, sticky, heavy. I joke sometimes that I have the opposite of most people’s version of Seasonal Affective Disorder–a Pacific Northwest version where I get itchy and angry until the rain returns. My entire family is like this, and I give full credit to my Scottish heritage. […]