I’m Going Back to School: There I Said It Out Loud

I’m going back to school this summer. It’s hard to say that out loud, because it means it’s real, that I’m committing myself to it. Committing myself to school means truly admitting that at thirty, my life isn’t what I always imagined. The images of myself with the white picket fence, the man, the 2.5 […]

Soccer and the Spin Cycle of Doubt

Growing up, I participated in soccer. It’s my one and only attempt at the team sport variety of athleticism—emphasis on “attempt.” If enthusiasm could win games, I was on top every time. But truth be told, I was the kid who would forget which goal was mine and which was the other team’s, and I […]

Seahawks and the State of Affairs

It was Friday afternoon, and I wanted nothing more than to faceplant on my couch after work. But my completely crazed enthusiastic, ever-luvin’ Seahawks fan of a friend Christine had, shall we say, “other plans.” Consequently, instead of my Friday afternoon survival victory nap, I found myself sitting in her CRV as we headed to […]

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

I was watching a video of Barbara Brown Taylor recently, and she said something that really caught my attention. When asked what she thinks the world needs more of, she responded with this: “What the world needs is more people standing over the red X under their feet and saying ‘What is the BEST I can […]

Free to Take Up Space

On days I embrace my real authentic self, I’m a “strong personality,” as those around me (mostly) lovingly describe me. When I advocate, strategize, or call out the good and bad I see, I am 100% in the game. I often laugh and quote Michael Scott from the TV show The Office, who says this […]