The Most Radical Thing I’ve Done

“… learning to eat was about learning to live—and deciding to live; and it is one of the most radical things I’ve ever done.” – Anne Lamott, Traveling Mercies Beautiful. It’s a word I’ve choked on many times in my life. You see, I’ve always equated “beautiful” with another word: thin. Looking back, it’s hard to […]

Scrubbing Off the Layers

Right now, my life is full of tight spaces, deep niggling fears that who I am and what I’m doing are not enough.  Voices around me told me “You’re not who I want to hear from. You’re not who I want to be with. You’re too much. You’re not enough.” We all go through these times, […]

When There’s a School Shooting in Your Backyard

Seattle Pacific University is where my parents met. It’s where my brother spent his academic career, and where I was poised to go until the moment I realized their music department wasn’t a good fit. My friend Christine is a week away from calling the school her alma mater. It’s a campus I’m well acquainted with, […]

Owning the Mystery

“I’m more of, you know, a …  creepy lurker,” I confessed at the SheLoves Christmas party last winter. “I read all of your words, and I guess I’m still working on having my own.” Surrounded by women whose words have completely and utterly changed my life, I thought back to when I first discovered the […]

What Does Hope Look Like?

“Sometimes it’s easier to hit the road when the world’s given you a heavy load, but if you stay and face it, I know tomorrow’s gonna be better. Let the rain fall til the day’s new.” -Joshua Radin, Tomorrow is Gonna Be Better My dad has Parkinsons. He’s been diagnosed for more than ten years, but […]