Taking the Next Step to Changing the World

I’m an envisioner. I can envision outcomes easily, and once something has got into my imagination, it feels like it’s three-fourths of the way to being done. Only it doesn’t always work that way. And I’m always surprised when it doesn’t. In earlier years, when I was mummying (mommying for the Americans) up close and personal, […]

Co-dependent? Who, Me?

I’m a people person. I love people. Short, tall, funny, serious, empowered, empowering, clever, creative, strong, broken, sensitive, bossy, gentle … you name it, I love ’em. Being a people person is one of my greatest assets. It’s taken me places I never expected to go and enabled me to do things I never envisioned […]

It’s OK to be Ordinary

Amongst other meanings, the word dangerous means threatening or daring. These aren’t words normally used of women. Until recently societies have preferred words such as sweet, beautiful, sexy, gorgeous, loving, caring, gracious to be used in conjunction with the word “woman.” There’s nothing wrong with any of those words in their place, but there’s something absolutely […]

Short in Stature but Big in Heart

It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog. – Mark Twain I’m pretty short: 5ft plus half an inch, to be exact. Well, maybe not exactly, because at 63, chances are I’m shrinking, but I’m not going to check that out. I’m clinging onto […]

Journey to Life

Soft sand slid under his feet. The air was pure and fragrant, redolent with the life it carried as he breathed it deep into his lungs, his body rapidly regaining its strength with every step. He felt the life-blood coursing again through his veins, and revelled in the whisper of the soft breeze on his […]