Welcome to the Tribe of Nomads

“Welcome to the tribe of nomads,” he said. “Once you join us, you never really go back.” This was the counsel given to my fresh-faced husband by an older expat in his first week of living overseas. They had been talking about all that was new: finding accommodation, opening bank accounts, driving on the other […]

Under My Skin

There is such a thing as radiantly pregnant, and let me assure you I wasn’t it. On a scale of perfectly-happy to prepare-for-PTSD, the last trimester of my last pregnancy red-lined towards the traumatic. I had gestational diabetes, a baby with a “shadow” on his ultrasound that needed to be “monitored,” and a bad case […]

The Ministry of Flag Raising

I’ve begun to think of close friends and trusted mentors as ones who have the Ministry of Flag Raising. As we tell our stories and process our journeys, trusted sisters (and brothers) in Christ have an integral role: they are witnesses, they help us discern where God is redemptively at work in places we might […]

When Gratitude Doesn’t Mean a Finished Story

Everything in me knows what I’m supposed to say: “It was great! We had a wonderful time!” But the words stick in my throat, because the truth is much more complicated than the socially acceptable one-liner. Here’s the truth: I’m glad we got to go. It was important to have gone. But there is a […]

When We Can’t Take It Back

“Can we have a do-over?” This was not a question I heard in my childhood, but one which has often been repeated in adulthood. “We got off on the wrong foot,” someone will say, “Can we start again?” And, with a strange blend of humility and artifice, the two who got into a relational tousle […]