Listening to My Hair

I don’t have a lot of hair. My natural hair is thin and very straight. It falls around my small face, letting gravity do all of the work, each strand aiming directly towards the ground. It’s dark brown, defying the stereotype of jet black Asian hair, which is why I am often mistaken as mixed […]

Sisterhood is in Story

I met her for the first time when I was 17 years old. She didn’t know me. I was only one of hundreds sitting in the seats of a beautiful musical theater while she was dressed in costume on stage. It was the world-class legend, Les Miserables, performed as one of London’s longest continuously running musicals—a […]

Love Ordains

I preached a sermon on discovery, dreams, and love. Then I pronounced them man and wife in the lush green grounds of Belle Villa Resort, Thailand, beneath the warm setting sun, before they made their grand surprise exit atop an elephant, whose tail swished against the bride’s flowing train. I’m not an ordained minister, but […]

Am I Siding with the Vulnerable?

“There’s really no such thing as the ‘voiceless.’ There are only the deliberately silenced, or the preferably unheard.” —Arundhati Roy I have come to believe that nice Christians are the greatest enemies of faithfulness. I recall a conversation I had at the predominantly white evangelical college I attended. He was an Asian American brother recounting […]

The Audacious Practice of Feasting

As a non-American married to an American, I find the North American holiday season quite incomprehensible. You mean to tell me that we must prepare a plentiful feast filled with turkey and cranberry sauce and mashed potatoes and green bean casseroles and dinner rolls to celebrate Thanksgiving, and then THREE WEEKS LATER, do exactly the same […]