One Ordinary Day At A Time

I used to think I needed to be superman for Jesus. I devoured missionary biographies as a young reader, awed and inspired by the feats of missionary heroes like Amy Carmichael, Hudson Taylor, and Jim Elliott. The things they did, giving up every creaturely comfort, laying down their very lives for the sake of the […]

Reflections from the Summer Suitcase

Our itinerary: Kaohsiung to Hong Kong to Vancouver to Colorado and back. Every other summer we make the same international trip to reunite our children with their grandparents in America. It is also a biannual opportunity to pick up items we can’t get at home in Taiwan, such as ranch dressing and English books. One […]

Heavy Boy, Light Girl

I overheard a girl, upper elementary, medium length jet black hair. In Chinese she asks her mother, “What does it mean to be ‘heavy-boy-light-girl?’” I winced and turned my head, unwilling to look into the eyes of an innocent child while her mother explained. “Heavy-boy-light-girl” is a Chinese proverb to encapsulate the worldview that men […]

The Practice of Being Ourselves

“Mom, can I watch Youtube?” “Mom, can I have a snack?” “Mom, can I buy this book?” My children are constantly asking me for permission to do just about everything in their routines. Mostly, it’s just out of habit. “Mom, can I go to the bathroom?” Um, yes, yes, please do, and really, you don’t […]

Bolts of Color, Yards of Love

The hand that fed me knew the feel of fabric. My father is in the textile industry. Riding the astounding economic boom of the 80’s in Taiwan, he found success exporting drapery and became a student of window coverings. Our family company’s division of drapery hardware, 735, is responsible for designing and crafting sconces and […]