Let’s Talk About This Place

It is a morning when I don’t have the emotional energy to run. To pound the pavement for an hour or more, pushing myself the way I normally do. I feel thick with sadness and want only to wrap myself in my warm duvet, return to the safety of my dreams. But as I curl […]

In the Messy Middle of Faith

The first time I felt deep in my core that God was real I was 17, kneeling on a cold hard pew in a Catholic church that always had a lingering smell of incense and snuffed-out candles. At the time, a group of Christian musicians was visiting from another church. I’d never heard worship music […]

One Word 365: Have You Chosen Yours?

Presence. This was my One Word for 2014. It was the word I had prayed about through December 2013 and a word I felt God was asking me to lean into. And it made sense to me; I had been living at a pace I couldn’t keep up with, over-scheduling both myself and my family, […]

I Have No Right?

I sat on our balcony, the one that was ours for a week. The ocean glistened for miles around me, seemingly endless in its expanse. Jagged rows of peach and yellow rooftops wove their way up the west coast of Italy, like multi-coloured dominoes. My glass sweat in the 100-degree heat, fruit flies hovered around its […]

Validating Each Other’s Stories

As a child I struggled with my voice. I suffered from tonsillitis numerous times and when my heart ached I felt it in my throat—a tightness that made it challenging to breathe. But it was more than the physical; I struggled to speak my truth. Even to speak at all. I felt as invisible as […]