I Want a Big LOVE Campaign

I stepped out of the car, feeling both a looming dread and a sense of relief. It was finally going to be over. I’d never felt so terrified, lost, and alone. My driver hustled me past some people standing outside the building. They tried to pass me something. I stretched out my hand, but my companion pushed me […]

When the Fertility Fairy Goes MIA

“Are you going to have more kids?” I look at my only child, playing and grinning from ear to ear. God, I love him. I feel a stab in my heart as disappointment and grief flood in. I don’t want him to be alone in life. But his dad and I have been trying for […]

Don’t Tell Me I’m a Good Person

It wasn’t easy for me growing up. My best Christmas ever was very close to being my most crushing. It was the year I desperately wanted an E.T. doll. I wanted that doll so bad, I could almost see it. I talked about it non-stop. That year, I could sense something was different with my […]

A Wonder-Filled Christmas Day

“God sends Jesus to remind us that He hasn’t left our side.” By: Margaret Feinberg   Twitter: @mafeinberg  Pinterest: @mafeinberg Jesus is described as the Word, the Image, the expression, the exegesis of God.  Through Christ’s arrival, life, death and resurrection, we’re grounded in the truth that God isn’t distant or forgetful, but close by and faithful. Yet that […]

On Faith and Fertility: My Very Own Christmas Miracle

“I was so glad the day I found pregnancy tests could be purchased in bulk online, since store-bought ones were costing a fortune. I literally ordered a hundred at a time. I think I felt that if I took enough tests, I could somehow stop my period from coming.” [From our Archives] Every Christmas I […]