A Spiritual Survival Guide for the Suburbs

I’ve made a life choosing to posture myself with people in the margins. I did this to model the life Jesus lived. Completely on purpose, Jesus hung out with people who were not of the “mainstream.” People who made “normal” people uncomfortable. People who don’t know their place in society—or who just don’t care. I […]

Freedom Rings

“I was just looking at those trees today, reminding myself of the creative power of life. It grows and multiplies—that’s just what it does.” I walked a Freedom Relay 5km in Edmonton last month. It was amazing for a variety of reasons: community (we can’t do this justice thing alone), beauty (one seriously beautiful day […]

The Darkness Cannot Hide Me

“And that’s when I realize that freedom isn’t real when we run in the daylight, open fields and limbs flailing. Rather, it looks like a deep confidence in the midst of the darkness that it won’t have the last word.” I recently memorized Psalm 139. It’s a classic and I love all the famous bits […]

We Don’t Lie Down in the Valley

“Salvation isn’t a prayer I put in my pocket and hope it works when I’m in trouble. It’s a new way to live.” I was praying with a friend the other day who struggles with what I—and most of the people I know—also struggle with: procrastination. (This could explain why I’m leaving this article to a […]


“You see, the deep dissatisfaction growing within you, awakened by a cynical and greedy world, is actually a genuine call from the depths of your heart.” I was just at a conference called “Encounter More” in Northern Ireland. The topic of “more” is something I know a lot about; I always want more. Years ago, […]