Her Voice Will Be Heard

“Human life—however small, however fragile, however broken—must be valued. It must be loved and embraced and declared good.” I was singing and praying and walking the other day. Actually I was doing that every day for ten days straight, traveling 180 km total as I led 25 women on a walk from Montreal to Ottawa […]

A Terrible Beauty

“It’s not our own strength that’s going to make the dawn appear. Not our fragile broken lives, not our own clay-baked power that will turn the tide of winter and usher in the spring. It’s a power greater than ourselves, hidden deep within us.” My friend died three weeks ago, and it was a terrible […]

What is Freedom?

“Freedom lived out in real living colour is abandonment of our small self and the embracing of a big love.” I used to believe that rebellion was freedom. It wasn’t hard to believe actually–it’s promoted everywhere. The wild child who does whatever with whoever, whenever they want–it’s freedom. No commitments, no responsibilities, no expectations–it’s bliss […]

A Long Posture of Bravery

” … what is needed, is more than bravery. Transformation requires the long follow-through of bravery–a conditioned and determined response to stay our ground.” I was talking to a wise woman this week who said something important about bravery. She was telling the story of a woman who’d stood up against some injustice and had bravely […]

O Me of Little Restraint. Or: How to Avoid Humdrum

“… a feast is only fully enjoyable if you are hungry. The emptying is essential to the filling.” You should never shop on an empty stomach and you shouldn’t write about feasting on one either. I’m starving. I’ve been battling the excess bulge of post-baby land and it’s a killer. Perhaps it’s because my schedule was […]