A Muck Boots Kind of Love

I really wanted to write you a love story that wasn’t about dirt. I tried for days. I wanted to tell you a story about romance. Or beauty. I wanted to tell you about poetry, or wild horses, or freedom. Or something. Anything, really, except for this. This isn’t new. A lot of my life […]

How to Trust the Clockmaker

I was 22 years old when I decided to start a professional theatre company. At the time I had a brand new college degree and a dream, so of course I did what all foolish creative people do when we are young: I tried to make a nonprofit arts organization from scratch. These were the […]

A Blessing for What Was

Yesterday there was an act of violence. The one who died was human. The one who held the weapon was human, too. Yesterday there were tears shed. Little ones lost. Fingers scrolling through news item after news item, hearts numb from grief. There were stifled cries of worry and there was an internal battle against fear. […]

Seated at the Table of Outrage

I just saw a thing on Facebook, as I was scrolling through my feed the way we do. It was written by the woman who birthed my two older children, a midwife of babies and other soul things. I usually listen when she speaks. She said, when people look back at this era she believes they […]

When You Really, Really Need an Angel

“There is a secret medicine, given only to those who hurt so hard they can’t hope. The hopers would feel slighted, if they knew.” —Rumi For two weeks, going on three weeks, now, I’ve been on high alert regarding the health of a friend. He was traveling on business in Taiwan, when he felt a bit […]