The Veil is Torn

Darkness enshrouds us later and longer. I see it when I drive to work early. How slowly the first light breaks in the eastern sky. How dank the world looks with its heavy fog, like frothy milk slathered along the highways and cornfields. How deep the mystery is here, behind the veil. It seems to […]

She Talks to Angels

They alight with the alacrity of a spring morning. Noisy chirps and flutterings abound. Winged bodies bounce from perch to perch, finding place. It’s dismal outside, but even these Cimmerian days can’t rain on their parade, that much is clear. Clawed feet pick and scratch at the earth. Beaks open and close while their tiny […]

When Pain Becomes a Bridge

I remember when I learned to listen to pain. It was right after the move that shattered me. The curveball in our carefully sculpted and passionately executed script. Devastation had permeated both plot and characters and we found ourselves packing. I mean, clearly it was the move that brought me dangerously close to the end of sanity, […]

The Job That Desire Wanted

It began as an annoying little desire. On the backburner of my thoughts, tipping horizontal at the most inconvenient times, pouring out its wares. When it did, it infected everything else popping and simmering, boiling and frying, on the proverbial stovetop. It infiltrated. I had the desire to go to work. After having homeschooled four kids […]

A Mirror True

Usually it happens at night. She always was the one, as a baby, up until midnight. Wide awake next to me in bed, with those round cerulean eyes. Not crying, not fidgeting—just awake. Eerily awake. So I guess it shouldn’t surprise me that these things happen with nocturnal regularity. Now that she’s eleven and her […]