When the Refugee Crisis Costs Me Something

“Your turn,” Asha called from across the lawn. She hoisted herself out of the peddle car she had been “driving” around our large circular driveway, then lifted her four-year old from the back of the contraption. He’d been clinging to his mom while she zoomed down the driveway. I made my way past the old […]

Sisterhood Is a Legacy

I share life and land with six other families. When, nearly seven years ago, we decided to buy a little 10-acre farm, a mother of one of our group said, “The health of your community will be determined by how well the women get along.” She issued this little zinger with an oracle-esque potency, and […]

The Syrian Refugee Crisis Moved Into My Neighbourhood

I’m in love. I was fretful and anxious, but now I’m in love. The context for my emotional bi-polarity has been the Syrian refugee crisis. In my anxious phase I posted a great number of guilt-inducing refugee photos on Facebook. I sent money overseas to worthy causes. I applauded the heroic efforts of volunteers and […]

What Does Solidarity Look Like?

In the light of the present refugee crisis the word “solidarity” is experiencing a resurgence in popularity. Solidarity is a word with a nice ring to it. It brings up images of resistance movements on behalf of the poor and innocent. It makes for a good slogan—a nice word painted in red on a white […]

The Headless Marys

It sounds like the title of a zombie-esque film noir: The Headless Marys. It is in fact the name of a contemplative prayer group to which I belong. At 48, I am the youngest of the bunch. Most are retired nurses or teachers. In other words, they are women who have been active, other-focused, do-gooders […]