Of Dragons and Diagnosis

My mom is sick. She comes from good genetic stock and is never sick, so this has come as a surprise. When my dad texted and said “Your mother is in the hospital and it’s serious,” I was confused. Surely this was a different mother, somebody else’s mother, my dad was writing about. After the […]

The Long-Haul Way of Community

“So, how’s the commune?” asks the man with floppy brown hair. I can tell by his smile he thinks he’s being original. “It’s great,” I answer. “But it’s not a commune. It’s a community.” He laughs. “Can’t fool me. Lots of people. Organic gardens. Shared living spaces. Sauna. You’re a commune.” We’re not! I want […]

Take a Walk on the Wild Side

I step off the northeast corner of our little farm and into a forest. It’s a small patch of trees really; semi-trucks can be heard barreling down the roads that border two sides of this small Eden. But despite its diminutive size this woodland packs a biodiverse punch. On my arboreal path I have encountered […]

The Slow Sacred Texts of the Dying

My sister sits daily at the bedsides of the dying. She is a hospice chaplain. This is her job. On a recent visit to a private residence, my sister was greeted by the 80-year-old daughter of a 104-year-old dying woman. The daughter, white-haired and stooped, opened the door and in a sing-song drawl called over […]

Hate Mail and the Good Christian Woman

“Hate mail” and “good Christian woman” are not phrases usually found in the same sentence. Good Christian women certainly do not write hate mail, and heaven forbid they should act or speak in a way that warrants receiving it. And yet, when a good Christian woman steps outside the bounds of her prescribed social or […]